Spring Rings and
Magazine Springs

Spring rings (sometimes called circlips) and magazine springs are two very important components in many applications. Although spring rings are incredibly versatile and used in numerous applications, magazine springs are straightforward and are required for feeding ammunition into a firearm safely and properly. We manufacture both spring rings and magazine springs to preexisting and custom specifications.

What are Spring Rings?

Spring rings are everywhere, but they are most commonly found in jewelry as the clasp holding the ends of a necklace, bracelet, or anklet together. When used in jewelry, they come in a variety of metals, which include but are not limited to gold and sterling silver. Of course, larger spring rings can be found in other applications, too. Sometimes, they are called retaining rings, which are essentially fasteners that hold components onto a shaft or in a housing. In these applications, they are made of materials such as carbon or stainless steel, or sometimes beryllium copper. There are several protective finishes depending on the application, as well.

Common Uses

One of the most common uses for spring rings is in transmissions, where they must meet the demands of powertrain systems. These rings must be able to withstand wear and tear, but they must also be affordable. Some other uses for spring rings include on shafts and cylinders within engines – both large and small. Again, the parts must be durable, able to withstand large amounts of heat and wear, and affordable. We can customize spring rings and transmission rings according to your unique specifications and your budget.

What are Magazine Springs?

In short, a magazine spring contains rectangular or oval coils, and it is located inside the magazine or charger of a firearm to push the next round of ammunition upward for location in the chamber. Although the function of a magazine spring is almost always the same, they must come in various sizes, lengths, forces, and numbers of coils. Getting the magazine spring right is imperative; otherwise, the bullets may not load correctly. Measuring a magazine spring is not difficult. You need to know the greatest width, the wire diameter, the shortest width, the length of the spring, and the number of coils.

Manufacturing and Designing Magazine Springs

Whether you need to replace a magazine spring or you want to design a spring to work in a firearm prototype, we can help you. With the aforementioned measurements, we can custom-design a magazine spring to your unique specifications. It is necessary to ensure that the right amount of force is placed on the bullet in the magazine, so these measurements must be precise. You must also decide whether the spring will be coiled at the end so it can be secured by a pin. This allows the spring to come into contact completely with the walls of the magazine, reducing the potential for damage in the future.

Thanks to the years of experience we have in designing springs, you can rest assured that our team can take on any design or customization project one can imagine. We only use the finest materials for all of our springs and related supplies. That means you can count on our custom spring rings to provide the performance and the longevity that you desire.

We custom-design spring rings and magazine springs according to our customers' unique specifications and needs, but we also stock most of the common materials, sizes, and types of both springs. If you need a replacement, or if you want to design your own spring, we can help.

Give us a call at 905-625-1504 and let’s talk about the design you want for your magazine springs or other spring types. Along with going over the specifications you provide, we may have some ideas that will make the finished product even better.

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