Custom Spring Corporation is a premier appliances springs supplier, and we are able to manufacturer every type of spring you might need for your appliance manufacturing or repair. We manufacture springs for batteries, switches, moldings, motors and more for everything from refrigerators to coffee makers.

Our state-of-the-art facility allows us to work efficiently yet precisely, as well as to produce exceptional results with some of the best materials. We create both stainless steel springs and plastic springs, depending on your needs. All of our springs are built to last, and all will continue to give you the performance you need for many years to come.

When you need an appliances springs manufacturer for reliable production and delivery, you need to call Custom Spring Corporation. We are a batteries springs manufacturer, a switches springs manufacturer and a molding springs manufacturer. We do it all. We can even design or manufacture custom appliances springs for a particular project.

Contact us today to place your custom order or to get help finding the right spring for your appliances project. Our commitment to being a top appliances springs supplier doesn't stop at producing an exceptional product. We also provide superior customer service and have been doing so in the more than 40 years since we started our business.

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