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Metal & Steel Springs

Welcome to CUSTOM SPRING Corporation

Founded over 40 years ago by President Peter Koller, Custom Spring Corporation has been providing automotive, machine and electronics manufacturers with custom springs and metal stamping to exacting standards.

Our in-house tooling facility saves time and eliminates unnecessary costs. We manufacture orders from one-off prototypes to large production runs.

We produce parts used in the manufacture
of brakes, batteries, switches, doors,
appliances, furniture, plastic
moldings, etc.

Custom Spring Corporation is one of the top springs manufacturers in Toronto and surrounding areas

Custom Spring Corporation is one of the top metal springs suppliers in Ontario, and we sell everything you need, from metal spring clips to replacement springs. We sell wire forms and flat springs for every application.

Our spring steel clips and stainless steel springs are used in automotive work, machine manufacturing and electronics manufacturing. They are used in the manufacture of some of the most common household items, such as doors, appliances, batteries, brakes, switches and more. We also produce custom springs for specialty applications or specific projects.

Metal Spring Supplier

Custom Spring Corporation is dedicated to being one of the top springs manufacturers. Our company was founded more than 40 years ago by our President Peter Kroller, who had a vision for top quality spring manufacturing and exceptional customer service. We have worked hard over the years to realize that vision, and we have earned our reputation as one of the best springs suppliers in the business.

Explore our catalog to find all the springs supplies you need, and learn why businesses choose us as their top springs supplier. We have an extensive selection of standard springs, such as stainless steel springs, and we can produce custom springs. We do it all while offering some of the best prices and the best service. Make us your spring manufacturer of choice.

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