Compression springs are one of the most commonly used springs in the world. The classic helical design makes it ideal for all sorts of load-bearing applications. Thanks to the pitch that is found between each of the coils, this type of spring pushes back on the force to ensure that the load remains level.

Selecting the right spring involves considering what is known as the spring rate. The rate identifies how much force or weight is required to compress the spring by one inch. Since the springs can be mounted horizontally or vertically, it’s important to select springs with a rate that is at least equal to the amount of pressure or weight that they will bear.

You may hear compression springs described as conical springs, hour glass springs, or barrel springs. All of these are considered subsets of the compression spring. The applications range from something as simple as the springs used for writing pens to the springs that work in tandem with shock absorbers on motor vehicles.

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