Drawbar springs are a specialized type of compression spring. They are sometimes used in the place of extensions springs, especially if the springs will be subjected to ongoing deflection cycles. When designed properly, this type of spring eliminates the potential for what is known as coil bind. This condition occurs when the spring coils are touching and no further compression is possible.

Springs of this type are often used in heavy equipment at construction sites, various types of rides at amusement parks, and playground equipment like swing sets. The load-bearing qualities of this spring design make it ideal to hold up well to the constant pressure that occurs when these types of devices are in use.

A drawbar spring is a type of extension spring with a number of uses in households, commercial settings, and even automobiles. They come in prefabricated styles, but we also specialize in made to order springs of any type for just about any imaginable use.

What is a Drawbar Spring?

A drawbar spring is a type of extension spring, which means there are spaces between the spring's coils, allowing it to expand and contract as it handles a load. The main feature separating a drawbar spring from other types of extension springs is the long, steel loop at one end, which passes through the center of the spring's coils and hooks at the other end. Thus, the spring compresses when a load is applied. You can find these in numerous applications, including porch swings.

When to Choose a Drawbar Spring?

A drawbar spring is a practical choice in applications calling for backup safety. Due to the design of drawbar springs, even if the spring should fracture and break, the looped steel through the center of the spring continues to maintain a static load. Thus, if you have an application in which an overload is a concern, a drawbar spring will undoubtedly provide an extra layer of safety. They are common in manufacturing facilities in which springs carry large loads; if the spring would happen to break, the load will not fall and break or injure someone nearby. In order to increase the lifespan of these springs, it is important to lubricate them frequently.

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