Springs may seem like small, unassuming parts, but they are some of the most important in automotive engines. Automobile design incorporates a wide variety of springs in the construction and operation of the engine, as well as other car parts. They are in the seats, on the door handles, and on the trunk door.

When you are performing automotive repair or are manufacturing a new automobile, you need a top machinery springs manufacturer. Custom Spring Corporation has the experience, the tools and the expertise to create the machinery springs you need for long-lasting performance. We specialize in custom work, and we can create automotive custom springs for any job. Auto custom springs are especially useful for restoration projects in which original parts may no longer be available. Of course, they are also essential when you are designing a new automobile.

Our catalog also includes an extensive line of standard springs used in just about every automotive application, from the engine to the brakes. Check out our selection of quality springs to learn why we are one of the top automotive springs manufacturers.

Whether you need machine custom springs for your automotive project or you need standard leaf springs, brake springs or other automotive springs, we've got you covered. Place your order today or contact one of our knowledgeable sales representatives to find just what you need.

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