Conical springs are a form of compression spring. The coils composing the spring form a tapered shape similar to that of a cone. This kind of spring is often used in applications where there is a need to maintain balance by allowing the coils to telescope into each other when pressure is applied. When the right size is used, the spring adds stability along with balance and can extend the life of the machine or other objects.

These springs may be used in a number of machines and other devices. Some lawn mower designs require these types of springs. Power tools sometimes include this type of spring in their designs. Medical instruments are sometimes manufactured using these springs thanks to the tapering action and the space it saves. Even modern electronics like cellular phones may include tiny conical compression springs in their designs.

What are Conical Springs?

Conical springs are alternatives to standard compression springs. As you may guess, they are cone-shaped in order to provide constant power, and because each coil nests inside the one before it, they take up less space than normal. The most common materials for these springs include stainless steel and copper since these resist heat and corrosion in electrical settings, although other materials are available. Usually, they have squared ends and they are right-hand wound. However, depending on your unique application, you can customize them to your needs, including specific tension, wire gauge, and size.

Common Uses for Conical Springs

Conical springs are quite common, and you can find them inside of any battery-powered gadget you might own. They sit flush with the negative end of the battery, allowing it to contact both the battery and the mechanism to supply power. They are also common in push-button mechanisms since the metal spring provides the contact necessary to transmit a signal; many remote controls and other gadgets utilize tiny conical springs beneath the buttons due to their long lifespan and durability.

Remember that we are happy to provide standard sizes and designs for conical springs and other solutions. If those will not do for your project, our team will gladly help you refine a design for metal springs that will accomplish what you have in mind. We can start with the specifications you’ve already identified and enhance the design until you are happy with the final draft. With our years of experience and up to the minute production facilities, we will ensure that you are happy with the end product.

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