Micro Springs and
Clock Springs

Two of the most common types of springs are micro springs and clock springs, and they both have many uses that drive some of the most common machinery out there. However, a clock spring is not a type of micro spring, and it is not used inside of a clock at all.

Shapes, Sizes, and Materials

Micro springs serve many uses, just as their full-sized counterparts, and they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. You can find round, square, and rectangular wire as well as wire with special sections. Micro springs may be constructed from any number of materials, including brass, cobalt alloy, gold, commercial music wire, platinum, silver, stainless alloys, nickel, titanium, and patented alloys. Finally, you can find different types of micro springs for any need, including compression, extension, torsion, and even double torsion springs. They are available in barrel, cone, and hourglass shapes to suit any application.

Common Uses for Micro Springs

Micro springs are used in a number of applications, including in tiny cameras, surgical devices like pacemakers, and even inside hearing aids. These springs must be manufactured perfectly in order to serve their intended purposes, and we can work with tiny bits of wire to create springs to suit any need imaginable. Wires down to 0.1mm in diameter make up our micro springs, and we understand your unique specifications. Micro springs are also used in devices such as clocks, pocket watches, and wristwatches to help keep precise time and movement.

Clock Springs

Clock springs are not springs found inside of clocks. Rather, they are coils that expand and contract as the steering wheel turns, allowing electrical continuity for airbag components. Thus, the clock spring in a steering wheel keeps the electrical parts of the horn, cruise control, radio controls, airbags, and more intact, even as the steering wheel turns. These clock springs are very carefully designed, and they must be in order to prevent severing electrical connections. Clock springs differ based on the make of the vehicle, and there are single-stage as well as dual-stage clock springs.

Clock Spring Replacement

Whether you are a consumer who wants to replace a clock spring after an airbag deployment or you need to design a brand new clock spring for a prototype vehicle, we can help you. In the case of a repair, you only need to replace the clock spring once the airbag has deployed. The heat exchange that occurs when the airbag triggers actually melts the connectors inside of the cylinder, and some electrical components will no longer work. Be sure to order the right type of clock spring, and if you are unsure, we can certainly help you.

Taking advantage of our custom designed micro springs is one of the best ways to continue using older equipment or appliances. While the original manufacturer may not produce the springs any longer, and you are not happy with the products offered by the third parties who took over the spring production, we are the perfect solution.

Clock springs and micro springs are just two of the components we design for household, commercial, and industrial applications. From a tiny pocket watch to the electronic components in your car, these springs play vital roles in ensuring their function. Please feel free to contact us with questions about ordering or designing new micro springs or clock springs.

Communicate with us via our website and our team will be in contact to work out the specifics and provide a quote. We stand behind our work and will offer pricing that rivals anything else you will find in the marketplace.

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